AI Thermometer

AI Thermometer is an app that uses machine learning to listen to the sound of water being poured into a cup to tell you the temperature of the water. Sceptical? Hear the difference yourself!

Even without knowing it, most people can tell the temperature difference of water by listening to it (Carlos Velasco et. al.). This app makes this way of telling temperature more precise and can be used for e.g. brewing different teas at their intended temperatures. It is also a neat experiment hinting at the surprising abilities our AI overlords one day will have ;).

Here is a video showing usage of AI Thermometer.

AI Thermometer was developed by Petter Säterskog. Axel Ericsson, Viktor Hallman and Erik Säterskog helped out with discussions and creating training data.

The accuracy is higher at high temperatures and the app is not intended to be used for temperatures < 50°C (122°F). The accuracy (RMSD) reaches ±3°C when tested under optimal conditions but is generally lower. The app gives an 80% confidence interval in addition to the temperature estimate. The interval will be larger for puring setups (vessel, pouring height, noise, ...) that are more difficult to estimate temperature from.

The main use of AI Thermometer is for brewing tea, different types of tea should be brewed at different temperatures. Bring water to a boil, and pour a bit in a cup with the app measuring. If too hot for the particular tea you are brewing, return the water to the pot. Wait a bit for it to cool, then repeat, until the correct brewing temperature is reached.

This app needs one permission:
• Microphone access. This is so that the app can listen to the sound of pouring water.


Install from Google Play Store
Download AI Thermometer version 6 APK (1.5 MB)
Download AI Thermometer version 8 APK (1.5 MB)


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Created by Petter Säterskog.

For questions about the app, suggestions, bug reports, etc, please write a review in PlayStore/AppStore or send an email to